sylviaMy name is Sylvia. I am eternally curious, and will go anywhere to taste something new. I believe in being mindful each day, in being present; but in reality, I’m usually a mix of chaos and imperfection with only occasional moments of still. Eating is a way I practice mindfulness each day. I buy food, sometimes I grow food, and I cook every day. I do other things, too. I am a sister and a daughter, a friend and a mother of two. I recently finished my first book, a memoir about ten years of my life when I searched for enlightenment- and in my own way, found it. I have worked in the healing arts, and I have also worked in finance. I currently hold a CFA Charter and would like to imagine I’m one of the ones who are interested in how to honestly invest in our world. I mountain bike, snowboard, dance, and I am learning to surf. I love any sport that takes me out of my mind. That being said- of all the things I love to do, cooking is the sole creative act that I must do every single day. My family must eat. I must cook. This is why food has become one of the central spiritual practices in my life; it’s the way I show up each day. Sometimes imperfectly, with a reheated chicken, and sometimes brilliantly, with a dinner for 18 that contains every bit of my heart and soul and is totally transcendent. I show up in the kitchen, pray that the kitchen gods will join me, and tie my apron on.

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